Project Dakota
An update method for the masses
Project Dakota

Somewhere along the line - you probably stumbled down a link that lead you to this page. Probably an article about how to update Windows XP in bulk

In 2007 Project Dakota was born out of need to mass update computers on a daily basis. Over time it evolved to more than that and ended up taking off to a full scale deployment.

By 2009 the lead developers of Project Dakota had released 4 versions that was downloaded over 20000 times - we crashed 2 web servers because of the slashdot effect.

By mid 2009 both developers had moved into new roles that mainly saw them dealing with Linux based platforms and Windows became an OS on our home computers.

The demand and the passion for it was no longer there. We both took an absence to work out what we were doing rather than muddling through with half baked releases that didn't do what they were supposed to or were full of bugs.

Now here we are in 2012 and after a long discussion we have decided that we still do not see a need for this in our daily jobs, and the demand since the initial release has completely gone. We had plans for a Windows 7 version but no demand was ever seen for it.

Sadly Project Dakota filled a need we once had, that doesn't seem to exist any more and as such, we have decided to retire it completely.

There will be no newer versions

We have also decided to remove the older versions from the site to prevent confusion

If you have a need for it - we would love to hear from you, because if a need arrises that means it will be worth while, we will consider deploying again

Contact us by mail at: feedback theatticnetwork net

Over the years Project Dakota has been helped by the following, and we would like to thank them by nickname now:
ShaunLMP, .:RHF:., DJLingk

Alek and Chris - Lead Developers - Project Dakota

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